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At Ark, we are privileged to serve thriving entrepreneurs, innovators, and original thinkers. Our clients create economic opportunity, not just for their families, but for an ecosystem of employees, customers, suppliers, and investors. Get to know them like we do, and you will find they are driven by a purpose higher than personal wealth—a calling to use their skills and resources to serve others. We go to work every day inspired to help clients accelerate their success knowing that when we are at our best, we are contributing to their noble pursuits.  

What do we do for these amazing families? We become their trusted advisors and loyal advocates squarely aligned with their interests. We are their guides, protectors, and partners navigating the stress and complexity so they can achieve more and find joy in their success. We love our work and believe it is a calling to serve those who serve others–that’s why we push ourselves to be excellent. Working alongside our inspiring clients, we witness an abundance of blessings impact their families and communities. 

What’s next for Ark? Our vision is to ultimately make available high-quality advice and financial services to a much broader audience. Leveraging years of expertise and technology, we are exploring business models that will allow us to deliver excellent advice to a global audience—as our founder says, “a family office for everyone”. Why is that important? An inspired entrepreneur or young family just starting out can begin their journey with sophisticated knowledge and financial discipline, not wait until they are big enough to hire talented advisors. If we can help thousands of families get started, and they in turn share their abundance with millions, we might just make a difference in this world. 


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