One day everyone will have a family office.

We manage, control, simplify, and unify resources so that individuals and families can live more abundant lives.

While most financial service firms provide monolithic financial solutions based on their in-house products, heritage models, and shrouded information, Ark was formed with transparency, advocacy, and innovation at its’ core.

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Throughout our 12 years of business, we’ve created strategies that help Business Owners navigate their own timeline of growth and success.

Since it is your financial future, we work alongside you and your established trusted circle of advisors to create a plan that evolves with your legacy. Your Ark Captain serves the capacity of a non-domain relationship that much like a skilled generalist, can provide multifaceted decision-making capabilities utilizing garnered multi-industry expertise.

Like many busy entrepreneurs, we know that you want help getting – and keeping – your financial world organized and on track.

 Our family office is based on the three phases wealth-building individuals need to achieve their goals: build, stabilize, and maintain. We do not believe that all approaches to these phases should be the same because each family and each entrepreneur is unique.

Our duty to loyalty and care as fiduciaries serves to benefit you and your families overall financial health – in fact the structure of our firm does not allow financial incentives for our advisors that would permit us to act otherwise.


The Ark Family Office Operating System

Our proprietary method for bringing abundance and peace into the lives of our clients is based on the Ark Family Office Operating System – the methods and tools that have been developed over the history of our firm.

Family assessments and KPIs – keeps you on track and balanced

Ark Cashflow Foundation – a method based on best practices to convert income from your business (or other economic engine) into passive wealth to meet your family’s needs

Family Office Portal – our software solution compiles all your important documents into one secure place and provides a forum for collaboration across all your advisors

Program Management – your 12-month agenda is already prepared to ensure timely delivery all all important milestones such as estimated tax payments, annual review of your estate plan, and monthly net worth reviews

Family Office Captain – your sherpa and the leader of all your advisors who acts solely in the interest of your family.



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