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This list of vehicles is not for the Average Joe or Plain Jane, simply because very few people can afford a true luxury car. These stylish vehicles are for the select few who live their life in style and like to stand out from the crowd.

Here are the top 5 luxury vehicles 2019 is bringing our way next year (according to AutoWise), in no particular order:

Lamborghini Urus

This Italian sports car is offering its own version of the popular crossover. Compared to its fellow Lamborghinis, this crossover model offers much more practicality. With this model you don’t have to choose between size and space – this model offers a small size without the loss of passenger space, seating four instead of just two. This model also offers Lamborghini’s very first turbocharged engine – a twin turbo V8! Now your friends don’t have to fight for the only seat – you can bring all your friends with you on your next turbocharged joy ride.

Bentley Continental GT

This third generation Bentley may not look much different from the first two generations that came before it but looks can be deceiving. What’s underneath the paint is all brand new, from the aluminum body to pretty much everything else. The Brits have made this model 16 percent more efficient than older generations, with a safety rating that is sure to pass any advanced safety goody’s standards.

Lincoln Nautilus

Ford’s luxury division is bringing out a new name and ditching the MK prefix in its nameplate. The Lincoln Nautilus is also missing the trademark split grille that Lincolns are usually known for having. Along with the multiple engine size and efficiency options, this new Lincoln offers a long list of safety and entertainment features that are sure to impress any consumer. One we will mention is the vehicle’s ability to detect pedestrians.

Audi A8

This fourth generation Audi model is packed with new things. This model, once it hits U.S. turf, will offer Level 3 self-driving capability for the very first time. The interior of the car will have a futuristic feel to it, with multiple display screens and a feast of new high-tech amenities. This vehicle will also sport a brand-new active suspension, giving the car a whole new driving experience.

Aston Martin Vantage

The 2019 Aston Martin Vantage brings a brand-new visual update to the British luxury automaker’s range, relying heavily on bonded aluminum and sharing some 30 percent with the Aston Martin DB11. This model also shows some surprising changes, the most surprising one being its engine. It sports Mercedes-Benz twin turbo V8 engines, giving it the ability to easily reach 60 mph in 3.5 second and top out at 195 mph. This model is definitely one of the fastest luxury vehicles offered in 2019.

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Jeff Socha

Jeff Socha is a Senior Advisor and Founding Partner at Ark Financial. Jeff’s specialization in business and personal financial planning is in his family’s roots. Jeff has extensive experience developing intricate financial solutions for business owners and executives across several industries.