Have recent current events made you feel like you’re not doing enough with the time you have?

…Only to be met with the next current event, that makes you feel like you’re not doing enough with the time you have?

This is not the time to start doing more with what you don’t have yet.

Amid the mysteries of events that evoke widespread global response, the one thing we’ve come to recognize is this:

These events have the power to derail our daily lives. That doesn’t mean they have to derail our entire legacy.

Amongst the sea of red, this past week has given most of us something we never have enough of: time. No traveling, PGA, or NBA tournaments to distract you from the fact that at this given moment, you are on the cusp of opportunity…

The opportunity to advance, by going backwards. At least in your finances.

When is the last time you looked at your 2017 tax return? I mean REALLY looked at it…

I mean, the IRS gives you 3 years to identify missed deductions.

How big is a missed deduction you ask…

We had a meeting with a client last week in the sporting equipment space. He’d heard about the manufacturing credit through the grapevine, but never had enough time to really look into it. Within this past week, we’ve found $130,000 to go back into his pocket because of that extra hour he thought he’d lose to provide for his clients and employees. It took an hour of his time, and two phone calls.

This extra time doesn’t seem like such a waste now, does it?

So often you hear of Uncle Jim and your colleague Suzy tampering with their 401(k)s and portfolios – panic selling and creating more insecurity in their current situation. This is March, not May. The worst thing you can do for yourself, your family, and your wealth is to play God.

We’re going into this weekend up 9.4% in the market with a strong rally behind the private sector. Companies across the country, started by entrepreneurs like you and I to come together to protect what matters most: each other.


Temper fear with reason, panic with patience, and uncertainty with education.


Be well,
Ark Financial