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They Went Green Before Green Was Red Hot It’s not easy being green, just ask the team at Fitzgerald’s. Fitzgerald’s made a concerted effort to be a “green” company since the beginning of their formation. With a goal to be Waco’s leader in the green industry, they utilize organic applications throughout their customer base. Their

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Broker vs. Fiduciary

One little-known fact is that not everyone in the financial industry is required to act in their clients’ best interest. Brokers may try to sell you something that benefits them more than you. A fiduciary on the other hand is required by law to:

Act in the client’s best interest with undivided loyalty
Avoid any conflicts of interest
Fully disclose in writing everything a reasonable investor would want to know about them and the firm (like all sources of income and any potential conflicts).

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Where is the Economy Headed in 2016?

With increased volatility in the markets and ominous predictions by many that we’re headed into a recession, it’s important to look at all sectors of the economy. ITR Economics shows in their January TrendsReport that only two to the core sectors are in recession and the others show slow growth—all with potential for accelerating growth in 2016:

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The Men Who Built America

I’ve been watching the History Channel’s The Men Who Built America and it’s excellent. If you need a little motivation or inspiration for what you’re doing or producing, look no further than the tireless innovators and businessmen that made America the leading industrial nation on Earth. You can can buy it through Amazon or stream

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7 Things the Most Successful People Have in Common

This post from LinkedIn contributor Gillian Zoe Segal appeared originally on LinkedIn. For my new book, “Getting There: A Book of Mentors,” I spent 5 years interviewing some of the most successful people alive (Warren Buffett, Michael Bloomberg, Anderson Cooper, Sara Blakely, Jeff Koons, Kathy Ireland, Les Moonves, to name a few). Here are the

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Top Talent Looks for Executive Benefits

Ark Financial’s Jeff Socha was featured in Executive Benefit News: In today’s economy, the supply versus demand ratio of good jobs and great talent is definitely skewed in favor of those with great talent. In 2008 the economy went over the cliff and companies had to cut everywhere, including benefits, bonuses and even salaries. Over

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US News and World Report Quotes Ark: 7 Promising Tech Stocks for 2016

The past year was great for technology stocks (Netflix (NFLX) and Amazon (AMZN) come to mind) but what are the best options for technology stocks in 2016? Ark Financial’s Jeff Socha, quoted in US News and World Report, says “The tech sector continues to evolve and right now when you have a hot new stock it

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Ark Financial’s Jeff Socha on Exit Coach Radio

Exit Coach Radio’s Bill Black interviews Ark Financial’s Jeff Socha on the topic Tips for Keeping Your Business in the Family for Generations: Bill Black interviews top Advisors, Authors and Thought leaders for their Tips, Ideas and Precautions so you can be well-planned. Join us every week for the full show or listen to individual episodes

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Austin Business Journal Recognizes Ark Financial

The Austin Business Journal recently recognized Ark Financial in their steady growth: The company has grown to a point that Jeff Socha is spearheading a physical move from 6200 Bridgepoint Parkway to 3520 Executive Center Drive. The company is also changing to Charles Schwab Institutional. Socha says that he is honored for the recognition. You

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Ark Financial Continues To Expand In Austin

Patch.com reported on Ark Financial’s move to North Austin and growth: Company partner Jeff Socha is spearheading the transition from 6200 Bridgepoint Parkway to 3520 Executive Center Drive. “I’m excited for this move,” Socha said in a statement. “It is symbolic of our company’s growth, from sole proprietor to thriving business. We’re going to be

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