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Rorie Sparkman & Engel

Nothing is more important to a business owner than knowing they have a healthy business. Unfortunately, not all business owners are business experts. When you’re sick you go to the doctor to heal your body. Now you can go to a professional to heal your business. Meet the total business health specialists: Rorie Sparkman & Engel. Delivering a partnership that goes beyond tax preparation and advising, they provide services critical to the well-being of your business. To meet those critical needs, Rorie Sparkman & Engel deploy an arsenal of resources available to all their clients through their advising, comprehensive website, newsletters, and more.

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Sixpack Shortcuts

The world of fitness is a tricky place to navigate for those looking to improve their physical appearance and overall health. It’s a saturated marketplace heavily operated by telling you that if you want to achieve your fitness goals, then you need to purchase THIS workout routine, THIS diet regime, monthly passes to THIS gym, as well as purchase all of the expensive supplements that claim to make the job easier. In a world desiring quick results, many fall prey to the crazy gimmicks and gadgets on those late-night infomercials. Some of them work, but only for the short term – The weight always comes back… At this crossroad of failure and determination, innovation was found by way of Sixpack Shortcuts.

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Financial Resolutions: How to Win the Holiday Financial Game

With the holiday season upon us, we hope you are able to take some time planning ahead and remaining mindful of your finances and financial goals for 2017. Trust us – planning and mindfulness go a long way and can truly help you enjoy being with family and friends over the holidays and into the new year! It’s this time of year that leaves people feeling overextended (what fun are the holidays if you’re stressed out?). To help you enjoy this holiday season and stay financially sound consider:

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Ark’s Jeff Socha Featured by Entrepreneurs Organization Austin

Ark Financial’s founder Jeff Socha was featured by Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) Austin in their latest spotlight. Here’s what they’re saying: Jeff Socha is the Senior Advisor and Founding Partner at Ark Financial, a boutique business and financial planning firm in Austin, Texas. Jeff’s specialization in business and personal financial planning is in his family’s roots

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Taurus Academy

Taurus Academy is as ‘home grown’ an Austin company can be with an intent to impact our community by providing excellent care for the dogs in their facilities, improving their behavior, as well as keeping them happy and safe…

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Election 2016: Ark Financial’s Response to the Election

One of the most astonishing things to witness while observing capital markets is the speed at which it picks up and reflects new information. Companies release reports and make deals, governments make new regulations, and various headlines grip the day. The markets generally absorb this information in anticipation of the predicted outcome.

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Post Election Results Are No Annual Indicator

Investors should remain calm in the aftermath of major elections—even if markets are volatile. As Bloomberg reports: That’s because regardless of how prices react on Nov. 9, next-day moves in the S&P 500 Index are useless in telling what comes after. While the index swings an average 1.5 percent the day after the vote, gains

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Jackson Vaughn Public Strategies

Few public advocacy firms have the breadth and experience as the team members at Jackson Vaughn Public Strategies (JVPS). A firm with personalized client services and long standing client relationships, JVPS manages and contains costs while maintaining the highest level of service. With a true passion for the robust challenges stemming from the world of government and business, JVPS has 25 years of experience solving legislative and business issues with elected officials, regulators, and industry leaders across the nation.

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7 Financial Habits of Successful Business Owners

A couple of years ago Forbes put out an article about the 10 Habits Successful People Swear By. An instant hit with their audience, this article spurred the creative juices of many other magazine and news outlets to post their opinion of what it takes to be successful. Most of these habits are the same across the board — wake up early, eat breakfast, build a network.

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Central Road Utility

When does a construction company become something more? When it connects to its community and builds strong trusted partnerships meant to last. Founded in 2003, Central Road & Utility, LTD built a construction firm based on the values of responsibility, innovation, community, and integrity. In addition to a killer set of values, CRU President, Robert Martinez, also encourages a culture of simplicity that resonates from their client and project processes to community partnerships and even their website design. Across the board, CRU has a strong cultural trait from which other organizations could learn.

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