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4 Cities That Cater to Traveling in Luxury

We’re sure you have seen a lot of blogs about how to travel on a budget, outlining the best places to go when you don’t have much to spend. You won’t find a list of budget-friendly destinations here.

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Don’t go into a financial arrangement with your eyes closed or you could get swindled like this poor lady!

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define the real objective of investing


How do you Sleep Knowing That? – a blog by Matt Goff

At some point, we should expect this historic market will have a tumble. The S&P 500 has dropped 30% to 50% five times in my lifetime. When it drops, sometimes it can take more than a decade to get back to even.

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Rules and Tools make No Fools – a blog by Matt Goff

In my last post I wrote about how to spot an investment amateur or charlatan – our industry has too many of both. But there are many genuine professionals out there with the wisdom and experience to help you protect and grow your family’s wealth.

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How to Spot an Amateur, or Worse- a blog by Matt Goff

If you ask an “investment expert” what growth rate to expect on your stock portfolio over the next 10 years, he or she could with great confidence and authority give you an answer.

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Why Funerals can be Good for your Finances- a blog by Matt Goff

Our family spent the last week of 2017 saying good bye to my wife’s grandmother. She died just before Christmas at age 105.

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fast food finance


Fast Food Finance- a blog by Matt Goff

What is the very best burger in Austin? Your choices are Wendy’s, McDonald’s, and Burger King. If your best friend was coming to town for the first time, which one would you eagerly take him to? What if we expanded this list to include Whataburger, Sonic, and Dairy Queen?

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Ark’s Matt Goff Featured on Austin Business Journal

Ark Financial’s Matt Goff was featured on the Austin Business Journal’s On the Move Section: Congratulations Matt!

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EBCO General Contractor, LTD

EBCO has roots that originated in Cameron in 1984 serving as a residential and light commercial framing contractor. The company quickly established a reputation for excellence, providing personalized service and high quality construction standards, which in turn motivated repeat business and strong customer relationships. Ark Financial is proud to call EBCO a client. We hope you enjoy learning about the work they provide the community!

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Ark Named Top 10 Financial Advisors in Austin

Ark Financial Top 10 Financial Advisors in Austin
Expertise looked at 193 Financial Advisors in Austin

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