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fast food finance


Fast Food Finance- a blog by Matt Goff

What is the very best burger in Austin? Your choices are Wendy’s, McDonald’s, and Burger King. If your best friend was coming to town for the first time, which one would you eagerly take him to? What if we expanded this list to include Whataburger, Sonic, and Dairy Queen?

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Ark’s Matt Goff Featured on Austin Business Journal

Ark Financial’s Matt Goff was featured on the Austin Business Journal’s On the Move Section: Congratulations Matt!

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EBCO General Contractor, LTD

EBCO has roots that originated in Cameron in 1984 serving as a residential and light commercial framing contractor. The company quickly established a reputation for excellence, providing personalized service and high quality construction standards, which in turn motivated repeat business and strong customer relationships. Ark Financial is proud to call EBCO a client. We hope you enjoy learning about the work they provide the community!

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Ark Named Top 10 Financial Advisors in Austin

Ark Financial Top 10 Financial Advisors in Austin
Expertise looked at 193 Financial Advisors in Austin

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Ark 2016 Annual Market Report

Many investors may not have expected global stocks and bonds to deliver positive returns in such a tumultuous year. This turnaround story highlights the importance of diversifying across asset groups and regional markets, as well as staying disciplined despite uncertainty. Although not all asset classes had positive returns, a globally diversified, cap-weighted portfolio logged attractive

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4th Quarter 2016

Considering that global markets are incredible information-processing machines that incorporate news and expectations into prices, investors are well served by staying the course with an asset allocation that reflects their needs, risk preferences, and objectives. This can help investors weather uncertainty in all of its forms. View Third Quarter 2016 Market Review

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It’s not easy being green, just ask the team at Fitzgerald’s. Fitzgerald’s made a concerted effort to be a “green” company since the beginning of their formation. With a goal to be Waco’s leader in the green industry, they utilize organic applications throughout their customer base. Their natural and organic service is the responsible way to maintain landscapes in both a healthy and green way. Fitzgerald’s does not do this because it’s popular. Rather, they do it because they care about their community since they live there too.

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Spring Cleaning Your Financial House

For those of us in Austin, Spring definitely arrived a few weeks early! The City of Austin hosted the annual Zilker Kite Festival, SXSW® Music, Film and Interactive Conference and Festival, Rodeo Austin, and more! Despite all the fun that occurs in the Spring here in Austin, we can’t forget about the all-too-important Spring cleaning!

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KidWorks Therapy Services

In 1999, Rebecca Pokluda had a vision of bringing together a group of experienced and passionate Occupational, Speech, and Physical Therapists (OT, PT, ST) dedicated to family-centered, individualized care. Since its inception, KidWorks committed to creating solutions that allow each child to create his/her own success in a fun, challenging, and safe environment. With a clinic housed on a tree shaded hill in South-Central Austin modified to provide optimal therapeutic intervention, our children simultaneously experience the safe and much needed comforts of a home to which they belong.

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financial vetting checklist


Financial Advisor or Financial Phony: The Ultimate Checklist

The stakes are high when you open your finances to an advisor, so don’t skimp on your homework. But how can you guarantee that your expert is reliable? By utilizing our Ultimate Financial Advisor Checklist you can be self-assured that you’re asking the right questions of us or any other advisor you choose. At Ark Financial, our team is here to help and make sure you feel comfortable, confident, and happy with our comprehensive suite of financial services.

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