Summer is right around the corner! Have you started planning your family vacations? When it comes to traveling, are there some things you’re willing to skimp on in order to save money, and other things you just can’t do without? Traveling in complete luxury isn’t always the most practical choice, especially if the business isn’t crushing sales goals like you anticipated it would. However, there is a way to still feel like you’re traveling in luxury when your budget can’t afford the bottomless mimosas and fancy seaside dinners.

We want to give you some tips to help you truly enjoy your vacation this summer no matter what your budget is. Keep reading for some helpful tips for finding the perfect balance between luxury and not so luxurious. The key here is to take a trip that feels luxurious, but doesn’t necessarily produce a fat price tag.

Multiple City Trips

If you’re planning to hit multiple cities in one trip, don’t plan to visit all the top-notch cities together. Major cities are expensive, so try combining one major city with a couple that aren’t so tourist-saturated. For example, you don’t want to combine cities like Zurich, London, and Paris all on the same trip. Instead, pair London with cities like Nice and Lisbon. By choosing less-expensive cities, you can find ways to find a little luxury in each.

When you travel from city to city, find the cheapest ways to make the trip. We understand that it’s absolutely necessary to fly business class or at least economy plus for the long flight across the Atlantic. That extra leg space is non-negotiable! However, you can find balance in your budget by traveling more conservatively for the small trips in between each European city.


Before you turn up your nose and swear that you will never stay in anything less than a four-star hotel, hear us out. We’re not suggesting that you stay in an Airbnb for your entire trip. A secret tip to scoring those 5-star hotels is to wait until the last minute to book your room. Start and end your trip in an Airbnb, and splurge in the middle. If you wait until one or two days before to book your 5-star nights, you can land some awesome deals with apps like HotelTonight and Hotwire.

Staying in an Airbnb isn’t so bad. With Airbnb, you have total control of what your room will look like, the amenities available to you, and you often don’t have to deal with nois neighbors that often come with hotel rooms. Airbnb hosts can also give you inside tips about the best things to do in their city.

Two Meals a Day

When you’re at home, do you really eat three meals a day? Instead of paying a restaurant bill three times a day (yikes), skimp on one or two meals each day. Skipping breakfast or lunch leaves room for making a dinner reservation at the best restaurant in town. If you want to take it a step further, buy groceries. Cook breakfast at the place you’re staying and buy small snacks to hold you over until dinner time. Skipping restaurants for breakfast and lunch gives you the opportunity to try out the local farmer’s markets or to browse the grocery stores. You never know what you could find!

No matter where you vacation this summer, we hope your trip feels like the trip of a lifetime. If you’re looking to improve your finances so that one day you can fly business class every time, contact Ark Financial today!