The past year was great for technology stocks (Netflix (NFLX) and Amazon (AMZN) come to mind) but what are the best options for technology stocks in 2016? Ark Financial’s Jeff Socha, quoted in US News and World Report, says “The tech sector continues to evolve and right now when you have a hot new stock it usually consists of new technology – but the risk of whether that technology is going to stick and become a staple is the risk to avoid.”

They recommend seven tech stocks including the relative new-comer Fitbit (FIT):

As the wearable tech sector continues to mature, Fitbit enjoys two distinctions. First, it got into the game well before anyone, in 2007; and second, its pantheon of products, which track data including steps walked, sleep quality and heart rate, helped the company go public in June. While its stock price has been flat overall after a summertime spike, Fitbit controls almost a quarter of the wearable tech market. “Fitbit is offering wearables of all shapes and sizes, again going for attracting anyone, and not having just one wearable to offer,” says Joel Evans, vice president of mobile enablement at Mobiquity.

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