Your children may not be little kids anymore, rather, they now have kids of their own. Nevertheless, you want their holiday present to be just a special as the retriever puppy you gave them back in 2000 when they were 8 years old.

Over the past 18 years your kids have grown up quickly. Today your millennial children probably have bachelor degrees, a young marriage, and a little baby girl. If they are among the majority of millennials, they also have a student loan burden or a credit card bill that they struggle to pay off each month.

With these things in mind, there are plenty of ways you can make this year’s present extra special. Here’s a list of 4 last-minute gifts you can provide for your adult children this year.

Lift the Burden of Student Loans

If you can afford to pay off their entire student debt, or simply take care of the next couple month’s payment, either will make a big difference. Instead of spending $100 on an outfit that they may not like, contribute that money to a worthy cause that you know they will love. Covering the cost of student loans for just one month allows your children to put that money toward something else that month.

Invest With Them

Buying a stock for your children won’t only start an ongoing supply of money for them, but can serve as a learning experience. You can teach them about how you like to invest and what you recommend for them. Sharing the knowledge you’ve acquired over the years will be invaluable to your children. The annual gift tax exclusion limit is $15,000 in 2018, and doubles for married couples. This means you can really bless your children with this kind of gift. You can also simply start an investment account for your children and make the first payment.

Gift an Experience

Studies show that millennials are less prone to spending money on material things, and rather experiences. Ditch the predictable tech gadget or latest designer shoes and give your children something to make a memory with. Take it one step further and personally participate in the gift with your children, that way you can make a memory together that you will remember forever. Examples of great gifts in this category are a ticket to a concert or sporting event, or a reservation at a fancy hotel.

Classic Cash

Nothing beats cash. If you’re worried that your children may think you didn’t take the time to pick out a thoughtful gift for them, you can offer to go shopping with them. Ultimately, the holidays are about being together and showing love with quality time, not material gifts that could get left on a shelf. You can show your love for your children by spending quality time with them as you shop together, or make a holiday meal together.

You don’t have to be bound by material items this holiday season. Do something extra special for your family this year and surprise them with an unexpected gesture.

Ark Financial hopes you and your family have a wonderful holiday! Contact us in the new year to begin your 2019 financial plan!