We’re sure you have seen a lot of blogs about how to travel on a budget, outlining the best places to go when you don’t have much to spend. You won’t find a list of budget-friendly destinations here. We want to send you to the cities that make it easy to travel in luxury. You deserve it!

Here are 4 luxurious cities we recommend putting on your travel list and making plans to travel to as soon as possible.

Paris: The City of Love

Paris is known for being one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world. For centuries, the capital of France has been seducing tourists with its alluring historic buildings and dazzling night-time lights. Paris isn’t named the City of Lights for no reason. Not only does Paris offer deep cultural experiences, high fashion shopping, and deliciously rich food, but its hotels will also take your breath away. The Shangri-La Hotel offers unparalleled views of the Eiffel Tower and the River Seine. The hotel also has three restaurants, making your dining experience as convenient as you need. Boutique Hotel Champs Elysees Plaza is another excellent place to stay in the heart of Paris. This luxurious hotel combines French chic with the most sophisticated technology and exceptional service. This is your destination if you want a getaway full of fashion, delicious food, rich culture, and, of course, luxury!

Abu Dhabi: The Glittering Capital of the UAE

Abu Dhabi is a city fit for only the wealthiest of thrill seekers. This bustling Middle Eastern city is known for having the fastest roller coaster in the world and its very own F1 Grand Prix race! There’s not much more thrilling than high speeds. A vacation in Abu Dhabi not only offers high-speed thrills, but also gives travelers the chance to choose between multiple world-class restaurants. If you want even more culture in your dining experience, Marakesh is a Moroccan restaurant located in the center of Abu Dhabi, offering live music and dance performances every night. Another favorite among Abu Dhabi travelers is the restaurant Bord Eau, a top establishment serving contemporary French cuisine such as their signature dish Loch Fyne (wild salmon). This Middle-Eastern package is packed tight, combining a lot of luxury and adventure inside this beautiful city.

Monte Carlo: The Glamorous Travel Destination

Monte Carlo is actually famous for its luxurious hotels, so travelers are guaranteed to live in luxury during their stay at this glamorous spot in the Principality of Monaco. Not only is the architecture beautiful, but so is the surroundings of the city. From astounding beaches to rolling mountains, this hot spot is sure to stop you in your tracks. Monte Carlo is full of exciting activities – enjoy a shopping spree during the day and a dazzling nightlife at the Monte Carlo casino. You might risk your finances at the card table, but you’re sure to get your money’s worth in this exciting city.

Portofino: The Jewel of the Italian Riviera

Named the jewel of the Italian Rivera because it is among the first choices for ideal vacation spots for rich, famous, and fabulously chic people. This city’s luxury has been catching the attention of famous travelers since the late 19th century, and still does to this day. Enjoy breathtaking views of luxury yachts making their way out of the harbor or look up to see gorgeous private villas dotting the hillside. This city also offers high end shopping with designer names like Louis Vuitton, Dolce and Gabbana, and Gucci. You surely won’t regret choosing this travel destination for your luxurious getaway.

Is it hard to choose just one? For your next vacation, you will want to make sure to save up for one of these hot spots if you want to relax in true luxurious style. Need help lining up your finances? Ark Financial can help!