Has anyone recently welcomed a new baby into the family? As parents with young children, it’s natural to want to teach them so many things. You may not be ready to start a college fund for your kid just yet, but we bet you’re thinking about all the lessons you’d like to teach your kids while they’re young. What do you want to teach your kids? How to be compassionate? The proper way to chew their food? Or maybe you’ve dabbled in teaching your youngest the value of money.

As some of you know, our founding partner Jeff Socha just recently welcomed a new baby into his family! As a new parent, we’re sure Jeff’s mind is brimming with all the things he wants his children to learn while they’re young. In honor of teaching your little ones important lessons, we wanted to write a blog that will help you teach your kids how to be savvy businessmen and women.

After applying these tips, your kids will be your mini-me in no time!

Tip #1: Routine

As a business professional, you know the importance of having a set routine during the workday. Routines are what get things done; they teach discipline. Teach your children discipline by keeping them on a set sleeping routine. Teaching your child to value a set sleep routine will also prepare them for the long grueling hours that some workdays bring. We all know that attempting to tackle an important task or meeting while sleep deprived is not the easiest. We all know we could have better prepared the night before with a full night’s rest, instead of binge-watching our favorite show. The routines your children learn while young can be carried into the rest of their lives.


Tip #2: Games

Surprised by this one? Well, we don’t mean simply play games with your children, although that can make for great quality time together. For business purposes, we challenge you to play games with your kids backwards. Yes, you read that right. The purpose of playing games backwards with your kids isn’t just to confuse the both of you. Negative – playing backwards will help your kids practice inhibitory control. As an executive in the business world (which you want your kid to be one day, right?), it’s imperative to have developed the function responsible for developing cognitive flexibility, focus, and working memory. Talk about a brain game! Test your functions while you’re at it!


Tip #3: Counting

You probably have big dreams for your kids – and those dreams likely don’t include your child handling their own bookkeeping and accounting. However, everyone starts somewhere, and at some point in their career, your child is going to need these skills. If you start young, your kid will be counting like an able business owner before you know it! To make this lesson more fun, use items that your child loves to play with – like legos or their favorite snack. Take every opportunity while feeding or playing with your child to count. Easy stuff!

We hope this blog has gotten you excited about all the memories you’re going to make with your kids – especially the teachable moments! Ark Financial strives to work alongside you in all your financial endeavors; learn more about us here.