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financial vetting checklist

The stakes are high when you open your finances to an advisor, so don’t skimp on your homework. But how can you guarantee that your expert is reliable? By utilizing our Ultimate Financial Advisor Checklist you can be self-assured that you’re asking the right questions of us or any other advisor you choose. At Ark Financial Group, our team is here to help and make sure you feel comfortable, confident, and happy with our comprehensive suite of financial services.

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“The best protection against losing 50% of your net worth: INVEST IN YOUR RELATIONSHIP”

This past November, Huffington Post put out an article called “3 Steps to Reconnect When You Feel Disconnected From Your Partner.” In light of the upcoming Valentine’s Day festivities, it caught the eye of Ark Financial’s Chief Strategist & Partner, David Bull, and made him realize how important our work is in reducing stress in family’s lives.

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