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Entrepreneurs build businesses around their passion, and most business owners are not willing to simply abandon their company to someone less invested or less qualified than themselves. So why wait until the end of your career to select your successor? When the time comes, be ready to leave your business in the hands of another and have a plan to ensure your passion is protected and preserved.

Begin the succession planning process early by identifying and developing your next leader. Whether you are considering selling or passing the company along to a key employee or family member, we help smooth the transition of leadership and provide smart solutions for your succession needs.

The Succession Planning Process

We will conduct an in-depth analysis to determine the ideal method for transferring ownership and control of your business to your successor or heir. We will analyze your current business situation and explore all alternatives – whether it is using a trust, gifting strategies or a buy-sell agreement – to satisfy your objectives while minimizing transition costs. We will also examine all available funding sources to provide the liquidity you need to meet your estate planning objectives.

Don’t wait to establish the legacy of your company. Start preparing your exit strategy today to ensure the continuity of your company and your personal financial security.

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