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The greatest assets in a successful company are its human resources. If you as a business owner are fortunate enough to have found a select few key individuals who are critical to your success, retaining those employees must be a priority.

However, in today’s competitive market this presents a challenge to many business owners. We can assist in developing mutually beneficial benefit packages that will maintain those key individuals without burdening the organization.

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Executive Benefits Planning

Most companies provide a 401(k) plan as a retirement benefit for their rank-and-file employees, however these plans can be severely limiting on an executive employee. We will conduct an analysis of both nonqualified and qualified retirement benefit plans to find the right fit for your key team members. We will find all the available options for you and your employees based upon corporate demographics and client objectives.

Non-qualified employee benefit plans allow executives to choose the amount they would like to save to build a retirement fund suitable to their lifestyle. We can assist you in customizing plans to meet the specific needs of your employees without leaving a lasting impact on the company balance sheet.

If our review determines a qualified employee benefit plan is the best choice for your executives, we will do a full analysis of the available pension and profit sharing plans and other retirement arrangements available under current law.

Finally we will also examine funding sources such as life insurance and investment products to entice your vital employees to remain with you for the length of their career.

457 Plans – Deferred Compensation

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Deferred Compensation Analysis

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Employee Funded Deferred Compensation (DIP)

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Employer Funded Deferred Compensation (SERP)

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Executive Bonus Arrangement

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