Financial Planning

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What’s Driving Your Strategy?

What motivates your financial planner? Is it your growth and success? Could it be commissions or acquiring new clients? Ark Financial knows how big advisory firms run their businesses because we started our careers working for them.

Your financial strategy needs a concrete objective and sensible tactics to achieve it. The barrier to entry to becoming a financial advisor is low, but few advisors can claim a legacy of success. Jeff Socha and David Bull are the dedicated professionals behind Ark Financial, integrating business planning, and insurance advisory to achieve our clients’ big-picture goals.

In our first meeting with you, we quickly identify gaps and opportunities in your current strategy. From there, we work with you to navigate complex wealth management needs and design a high-performance solution to achieve your purpose.

If you’re ready to move beyond simply targeting the market rate of return, get in touch with us today to arrange a conversation. We always begin with the end in mind.

Trusted by Business Owners

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Ark Financial represents the highest standard of care for your assets.

  • Fiduciary Duty – We carry fiduciary responsibility for our clients, entering into a legal covenant to act in your best interests.
  • Doing Good by Doing Well – We are motivated by helping you succeed, not by hitting sales targets.
  • Acting with Purpose – There are no boilerplate strategies at Ark Financial. We recognize the complexities of designing custom solutions for individual needs and rise to the challenge each and every time.

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