Family Office

The Fractional Family Office

Gives You Exclusive Access To The Professionals And Performance That Allows You To Maximize What You’ve Created And Earned.

Focus your time on living the life you’ve earned. A Fractional Family Office makes this possible, and even better, it makes it affordable.

What Is A Family Office?

Family Offices provide a variety of services including tax and estate planning, risk management, strategic financial counsel, lifestyle management, trusteeship, coordination of professionals (accountants, tax attorneys, investment advisors and more), investment advice, and set up and management of your foundation where appropriate. Family Offices also offer personal services such as managing household staff, making travel arrangements, and much more for discriminating clients who prefer to have one staff manage all their affairs.

Family Offices have their roots in antiquity. As early as the 6th century the Majordomo managed the assets and affairs of the royal family and other aristocrats. The modern family office has its roots in the 1800s when families like the J.P. Morgan family and the Rockefellers established family offices to manage the wealth their families had acquired from that time into the present day.

Single Family Office Vs. Fractional Family Office

A single family office can be an expensive undertaking. The regularly established minimum income and asset threshold for a single family is around $50 million.

The Fractional Family Office allows you to tap into a whole new level of wealth management even when your financial threshold is far below $50 million. Beginning at $600,000 in income and $600,000 in assets, you can experience the advantage of having specialized advice and advisors..

You can take advantage of the specialized knowledge available to you with a Fractional Family Office because the cost of the professional team is spread out among other individuals or families. The result is highly specialized and personalized advice combined with implemented management strategies and personal services that allow you to focus your time on living the life you’ve earned.

Here Is Just Some Of What We’ll Help You Accomplish With Our Fractional Family Office Service

  • Coordination and Management Of Professional Providers
  • Family CFO
  • Family Back Office
  • Trustee Services
  • Advanced Tax Planning And Strategy
  • Asset Allocation and Investment Strategy Consulting
  • Cash Management
  • Comprehensive Performance Reporting
  • Portfolio Management
  • Estate Planning
  • Philanthropic Planning
  • Insurance Analysis
  • Debt Structure and Bank Financing Analysis
  • Foundation Structure and Management
  • Entity Administration
  • Aircraft Consulting
  • Risk Management & Asset Protection Consulting
  • Real Estate Management
  • Family Business Advisory
  • Family Counseling/Family Meetings
  • Retirement Planning
  • Document Management and Recordkeeping
  • Bill Payment Services
  • Personal Financial Statement Preparation
  • Personal services as desired or required (travel planning, research, etc.)

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