Revisiting your readiness for COVID-19

We are redefining our global definition of a crisis. They’ve come in many different shapes and forms, be it SARS, the ’08 crash, hurricane Katrina, and now COVID-19. While these seemed to affect a certain geographical region, your business has likely been touched by this more than others.

Your finances have as well.

As data suggests, cases will continue to rise even after hot spot states curves begin to flatten. Thus, it becomes your responsibility to extend a helping hand to your local government or organizations working to fight this deadly virus.

While measures have been drawn for when the world can resume ‘business as usual,’ in a way, CEOs are leaders of their companies as well as integral parts of our communities.

Your crisis preparedness may continue to evolve. You may have changed your criteria for client meetings. You may have directed your company phone line to your home phone.

But beyond the ‘finishing touches’ of designing your work from home plan: What if an essential employee falls ill? Or your emergency funds run out? With stay at home orders expecting to continue through June, your contingency plan previously set in place may not account for new variables.

Now is not the time to sit back and wait for the storm to be over so you can assume ‘business as usual.’  We are seeing some industries adapt, and some even on the brink of collapse.

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Now IS the time to go into action with a well thought out plan so you leverage these business conditions into advantages that will carry your business to success beyond the boundaries of social distancing and sheltering in place.

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