Amanda Villarreal



Mandi Villarreal is the Client Success & Marketing Manager at Ark Financial. She understands that real client success comes from the heart of what we do at Ark Financial. In her role as the Client Success Manager she ensures our team exudes the best client management and business consultancy skills around. This focus allows us to focus on our client relationship retention and optimization. As Marketing Manager, Mandi coordinates our marketing strategies that include brand growth, social media and web content creation, and public relations execution.

Mandi graduated from The University of Texas at Austin where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Corporate Communication and her Bachelor of Arts in Rhetoric & Writing and Cultural Anthropology. She holds certifications in Advanced Alternative Conflict Resolution & Mediation as well as Graphic Design. She previously worked in the Texas House of Representatives for the Chairman of the Calendar Committee, at The University of Texas School of Law – Career Services Office, and on the marketing team for The University of Texas MBA Admissions.

President of Young Catholic Professionals – Austin from June 2015 through December 2016, Mandi is highly involved in the Austin Diocese. In her free time she donates her marketing skills to non-profits and small businesses. She has two dogs, O.B. Juan Kenobi and Lily, a cat named Artoo, is a classically trained vocalist, oenophile, and soccer player.

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